No matter your skill level, our classes will challenge you and help you to grow to new heights. We have skilled instructors, creating a warm learning environment for 

one give you the tools you need to be your best. 


*If you have any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to help you find the right experience for you. 

How to choose the right level


Preschool: ages 3-4 

                     combines ballet/creative movement, tap and tumbling

Combo 5-6: ages 5-6  combines ballet, tap and tumbling

Combo 7-8: ages 7-8  combines ballet, tap and tumbling

Level I: age 8+ 

              an Introductory class focusing on terminology and its                          physical application, may be taken by a 7 yr old if they are                  also taking Combo 7-8

Level II: age 9-10+

               Elementary level class with 1-2 years previous                                       experience required, class emphasizes the body in                               motion and develops performance skills


Level III: age 12+

                 Intermediate class with a quick teaching pace, longer                           exercises, uses broad dance vocabulary and focuses on                     expression within performance


Level IV: age 13+

                Advanced class using full dance vocabulary and                                    movement incorporating rhythm, style and technical                          proficiency, strong focus on all aspects of performance


Open: age 18+

            Drop in classes designed for the busy schedule. Each class                stands alone and regular attendance is not required.  

What to Wear

Attire in general terms is for

fitted, comfortable clothing that allows the instructor to see alignment and allows the participant freedom of movement. Dance classes require a leotard and leggings/convertible tights. Ballet class requires pink convertible tights and a black leotard of any style. Proper shoes must be worn in all classes. Dance wear and shoes are available through our Dance Shop. Hair must be worn

out of the face. Ballet requires

hair worn in a bun.    

Returning Students:
Preschool and Combo Classes:
- use the child's age as the guide
Students age 8 who are moving out of Combo 7-8
- may take any Level I class and are encouraged to try more than one style
Ballet Levels:
- Ballet II moves up to Ballet III which meets twice a week (once combined with Ballet IV)
- Ballet III-IV moves up to Ballet IV which meets twice a week (once with Ballet III)
- Ballet I has the option to remain in Ballet I or move to Ballet II which meets twice a week
Tap Levels:
- Miss Linda has done placements. Contact if you need to know your class. 
Modern Levels:
- Placements remain the same as last year. There is a different instructor this season.
Jazz Levels:
- Jazz I moves up to Jazz II
- Jazz II Miss Sarah has done placements. Contact for your class.
- Jazz III-IV Miss Sarah has done placements. Contact for your class. 
                   Jazz IV has the requirement of being enrolled in a ballet class in order to participate

Hip-Hop Levels:
- Hip-Hop I-IV contact for Miss Sarah's placement.